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Benite & Olu’s Rustic Chic Wedding In Montreal


Benite is best described as a “power” bride, at the time of the planning process she was settling into a new job in a new city, completing her graduate degree and raising a sweet little boy on her own. In spite of her busy schedule, she stayed on top of things providing my team and I with all the necessary details and information we needed to help plan and coordinate their day.

The go-getter and creative in her was also shown by her ability to make her bridesmaids’ bouquets, construct her wedding cake stand from scratch as well as spray paint the bottles that held the flowers on their guest tables. Some beautiful moments of their wedding day included the wedding party’s beautifully choreographed dance entrance, a short skit by the couples’ friends which showed the circumstances under which the couple met, as well as the special entrance for the cake by the wedding party.

Their 300 guests also got to enjoy cuisine from both cultures and see the couple enjoy a special moment dancing with the bride’s son. Their wedding was an authentic and beautiful expression and display of their lives and love for each other.

Theme: Rustic Chic

Colours: Burgundy and Gold

Venue: Hellenic Banquet Hall, Montreal, Quebec

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